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About Nazra Palestine Short Film Festival

I AM Nazra Palestine Short Film Festival

The Nazra Palestine Short Film Festival is an annual, traveling and multicultural festival on
freedom, human rights and justice, with a special focus on the contemporary reality in Palestine.
Nazra is a short films festival of Palestinian and International authors targeted to a cinema-loving
Thanks to its characteristic young, fast and full-of-content way of communicating, cinema has always
had the power of overcoming real or virtual walls that in both cases create isolation. In this way, cinema has always made possible going beyond differences in culture and way of living.
Through this short film festival, we would like to encourage a mutual dialogue between passion for
cinema and artistic expression in general and the promotion of a culture of peace, justice and
Nazra is the look, the perception we have of others, but also of ourselves. Thus, the Nazra Palestine
Short Film Festival also becomes a pedagogical and cultural journey. It will be completed by
laboratories hosted by Italian and Palestinian cultural centers. Despite the distances, this International collaboration will allow to develop mutual knowledge and transform the approach to the other’s culture in a common heritage, shared among the participants in the Festival, short films authors as well as spectators.
Also in its second edition, the main goal of the Festival is to show the problems and the expectations daily experienced by the Palestinians who live under occupation and in the absence of freedom and respect for human rights.
The Nazra Palestine Short Film Festival also aims to be an opportunity, for authors with great artistic
skills but lacking sufficient financial resources, to express and present their ideas and reflections
through the fast, young and clever short movies language.
After the success of the first edition, also this year the Nazra Palestine Short Film Festival aims at
collecting the best of the artistic production of short films by Palestinian and non-Palestinian authors.
The selection will be screened in the Italian and Palestinian cities hosting the Festival. In this way,
messages of multiculturalism, peace and justice will be spread through the competing works.. .


Festival Team

Country: Italy

Email info.nazrafestival@gmail.com

Mobile Phone: +393483209160

Address : S.Polo 1216, Venice

Website https://nazrashortfilmfestival.com/

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