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That's What Happened

أهو ده اللي صار

Added by : Mohamed Kassaby

Director: Mohamed Kassaby

Producer: Mohamed Kassaby

Writer: Mohamed Kassaby





Offical Selection

Silicon Valley African Film Festival.
Best Documentary Cinematography in New York Cinematography AWARDS.
The Lebanese Movie Awards
Iran International Documentary Film Festival.
Bethlehem Student Film Festival.
Visions Cairo Egyptian Short Film Festival.
Montgomery International Film Festival.
First-Time Filmmaker Sessions.
Lift-Off Sessions, Pinewood Studios.
Fiorenzo Serra Film Festival.
Josiah Media Festival.
Global Youth Film Festival.
Starz Play Short Film Competiton.

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Short Synopsis (English)

Semi-fictionalized documentary following filmmaker, Yehia, who has an existential crisis after the failure of his first film, being indulged in finding beauty and meaning in his outer world as his city is having major architectural changes.

Long Synopsis (English)

In eighteen minutes, Yehia, the main character of the film contemplates the changes that happened in his city, shares his concerns with friends as he tries to reach reconciliation, and keeps weaving his story throughout the process. The film starts with an epigraph by Elif Shafak: “But let us not forget that cities are like human beings. They are born, they go through childhood and adolescence, they grow old, and eventually they die.” The city is personified as an aging human; in an attempt to foreshadow the death it eventually faces with the passage of time.

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