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I AM International Film Festival CINESPACIO

From CINESPACIO we could not ignore the important moment that our country is going through because of the culmination of the armed conflict between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Government. A conflict that lasted for more than half a century, leaving a balance of more than 220,000 people killed and eight million displaced. For this reason, we want our fourth edition of the Festival to be a space for reflexion about belligerence, armed conflicts and their effects on all of its actors - combatants, civil populations, victims, activists and Human Rights defenders -. We are looking for other points of views that invite us to think about these effects during the differents stages in which the war unfolds. The one that is perhaps the most violent and ancient way in which human beings seek to resolve their conflicts. In order to go beyond the revictimization to which those affected by conflicts are usually subjected, especially through the mass media, we want to include films that also cover issues about the emancipatory processes, in which it reveals how an individual or a community struggles to claim its freedom and/or rights while facing violent manifestations of power and showing alternative paths towards peace-building.

CINESPACIO is thought of as a place of convergence and presentation of cinematographic art and as a possibility to make of cinema an activity of meeting and public integration through the linking of different creative fields such as the humanities, theater, music, design, among others.
Likewise, we seek that each one of our versions bring with it theoretical meetings - presentations, dialogues, workshops, and so on - that deepen the relationship of cinema with societies, with life, and that is proposed as a critical space of artistic practice, and training of audiovisual directors committed to their environment.. .


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