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About Cine Autor (VOD)

I AM Cine Autor (VOD)

Cine Autor launches its first "Cine Autor (VOD)" contest with the aim of promoting auteur & Independent cinema and encouraging filmmakers to continue creating.

The event, although linked to our platform, is completely independent.

"For the selection process you do not need subtitles in Spanish if you have them in English or the language is English"

1.4.- The works can be presented in any language. Those films shot in languages ​​other than Spanish will have to be presented with subtitles in Spanish.
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Festival Team

Country: Spain

Email cineautoronline@gmail.com

Mobile Phone: +34871999260

Address : Carrer de la Concepció, 12

Website http://cineautor.es/i-certamen/

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