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About Festival Chulpicine

I AM Festival Chulpicine

Chulpicine began its work in 2002 with the first ever Itinerant Children & Youth Film Festival in Quito. The warm welcome that the project received allowed the festival to become an annual event during the months of July to September, bringing an educational and entertaining event at no cost, to sectors with few cultural activities.

Thanks to the positive reaction, Chulpicine became a cultural and educational non-profit foundation in June 2004. After more than 10 years of experience, Chulpicine have reach a stable proposal and working methodology that has spread at national level. The Festival has promoted the creation of coaching staff; cultural managers working in different communities; and a large group of followers.

Chulpicine has designed a set of activities and workshops for institutions, community organizations or outreach workers to educate and train in different areas related to cinema, audiovisual, communication and Internet used as social intervention tools. These activities and workshops have been the beginning of a formation of learning communities by harnessing the capabilities of young people, as well as the setting up of an active and engaged network of social facilitators through the film and audiovisual work.

The Foundation carries out the following program lines: training; intervention; appropriation of public spaces; diffusion and production. This line of work is an alternative to foster community networks to develop communication skills, analysis and reflection in the various stakeholders of the community, thereby strengthening its organizational and self-development skills.

The foundation has a multidisciplinary team currently working on the projects. These people are responsible for different areas: there is a psychologist, a producer, a programmer, a communicator and an accountant. In addition, every year about 12 people are hired to assist in the implementation of activities. This group is made up of people who have worked in the past in the festival and some new young people that wish to join the group. Also, each year we have the support of volunteers from different organizations.. .


Festival Team

Country: Ecuador

Email programacionchulpicine@gmail.com

Mobile Phone: 593 2 521648

Address : Pasaje Lafargue E4-50 y 9 de Octubre

Website https://chulpicine.org/

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